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Frequently Asked Questions

Rental Instruments

Which instrument could my child play?

Children can learn to play any instrument with honest effort. It is important to work with your child's band director or private instructor to choose the best instrument. 

Is the rental instrument going to be new?

We have a variety of instruments for rent - everything from new, to like-new, to used. All of our previously rented instruments have been disassembled, cleaned and sanitized in our shop, and have been put back in good playing condition for your student's use. 

Will the rental instrument be suitable for our school's band program?

All of our rental instruments are good quality student horns. We work with the band director at your school to provide the brand(s) that they prefer your student to use. All of our rental instruments are brands that are serviceable - meaning we can get replacement parts for them, and can service them as needed.

What comes with the instrument?

Every wind instrument comes with a case and mouthpiece. Music books, stands and care kits may be added to your rental. Percussion kits come with sticks/mallets, carrying case, and appropriate stands.

Rental Pricing & Plans

What is the 40% early purchase option?

At any time during your rental agreement, you have the option to purchase your instrument early and save 40% off the remaining balance. 

Can I purchase the instrument outright, rather than rent?

Yes, that is definitely an option. You can save up to 40% off the instrument price when you purchase outright. It is important to note that with our rentals, you have access to our maintenance program, and you also have the ability to exchange the instrument if your student needs to switch for any reason. With exchanges, you can get up to 5 months of your paid principal as credit towards the new rental. 

Do you offer any type of protection plan?

Our rental agreement includes a maintenance plan. The price is included in your monthly rental, and covers parts and labor necessary to maintain the instrument at no charge, waiving our normal repair charge, and return it to proper playing condition. Damage coverage does not include: damage caused by willful act of malicious intent, negligence or abuse, cosmetic finishes, cases, reeds, swabs, drum sticks, percussion mallets, drum heads, rosin, strings or neck straps. Maintenance is void if the contract is in default. 

Is there a minimum contract length?

We do not have a minimum rental contract length. Our program is month-to-month, and if you remain in the contract for the entire term, you own the instrument.

Rental Processing

Tell me what happens with damage & repairs.

If your instrument is damaged and needs repair, we ask you contact us immediately. Your instrument comes with a maintenance plan. Please do not attempt to repair instruments on your own as you could cause serious additional damage. Please note the following: the maintenance coverage will be void if a non-Dave's Music technician does any adjustment to the instrument, or if the contract is in default. Additionally, if the damage is deemed to have been caused by willful act of malicious intent, negligence or abuse, you will be responsible for the cost of the repairs. 

What happens if my child decides to quit?

If your student decided to quit band, simply return the instrument to Dave's Music, and the contract will be terminated. Please make sure you have spoken with your student's band teacher prior to returning the instrument to ensure that it is ok to drop band class. 

What happens if my child needs to switch instruments?

This is not uncommon, but don't wait too long before considering this option. Beginner students are learning a lot of very basic but very critical information specific to each instrument about how to put together and take apart instruments, how to position their body, hands, fingers, mouth and tongue, plus the unique fingerings that go with each instrument and each note. Switching means a lot of this basic but critical information will have to be re-learned on a different instrument--switching means, for a time, your child will basically be starting all over again. Be sure to talk to your music teacher when considering this option.